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Guide for Foreigners Buying a Condo in Bangkok

  It’s quite easy to buy a condo in Thailand. After you have decided to purchase a condominium in Bangkok and already have selected a condo to purchase the first thing you will need to do is pay a booking…

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Best Kid Friendly Condos in Bangkok

  The best condos for kids in Bangkok has to spacious and safe. It’s not easy finding a good kid friendly condo in Bangkok because most new condos in the city are small and don’t have playgrounds. Some other important…

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5 Things to Consider Before Investing in Bangkok

Property can be a good investment for those with experience and knowledge in the industry. However, more and more people are entering the property market in the hopes of getting extra income from rental units. This may seem like a sound investment,…

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When is the best time to sell your Bangkok condo?

Oftentimes, we are asked when is the best time to sell my property? The answer is simple…it depends. Obviously if you need the money to invest in a business or are planning on moving somewhere else you should sell your property.…

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Overview of Thailand’s Property Stimulus

The Thai government is trying its best to stimulate the economy. Recently, right before the New Year the government provided holiday tax breaks which increased consumer spending by 6.4% according to a survey by (UTCC). A stimulus measure was also passed…

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Easy Bangkok Condo Cleaning Tips

    Once you have purchased the home of your dreams with the help of Home Finder then it’s important to keep the place tidy and looking brand new.  Remove Food Stains  If you are an avid cook or just…

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